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Active Responsibility

One of the most distinguishing factors of application hosting is the level of accountability taken on by your hosting provider. At AnlX, we take responsibility for your configuration from day one. By starting with a thorough implementation process, we gain an understanding of exactly what you are trying to achieve with your hosting solution and applications. We learn about the intricacies of your application and establish a baseline of performance for your application. As a result, we can properly monitor your application, its environment and know how to react to issues before they become problems.
We take responsibility for solving all issues related to your application environment. Your Lead Systems Engineer takes ownership of all issues and manages them to resolution. We can draw from internal AnlX resources or external resources to solve any problem. Our relationships with Microsoft, Cisco and Intel allow us to get immediate help with issues that require vendor involvement. Our Linux reputation is based on the fact that we have been the UK Debian mirror for 5 years and have developed a number of applications for our clients including VoIP, IPvideoconferencing and telephony billing packages.
AnlX's Application Hosting offering is engineered for businesses running complex applications, Both Microsoft and Linux, that need not only superior infrastructure performance, but a customised application environment and an application platform SLA. With a high level of expertise, specifically in Microsoft related products like SQL Server, Small Business Server, and Exchange, AnlX goes well beyond traditional managed hosting by providing a highly tailored service for companies running mission-critical Microsoft applications, that perhaps need to cleave to Linux applications that are running in the background.

Application Environment Optimization

To optimise the specific needs of your complex application environment, our engineering team performs the following:

  • - security setup on servers and devices;
  • - monitoring thresholds for your application and devices;
  • - data storage settings for reliability and performance;
  • - escalation procedures based on customer-defined event triggers;
  • - creation of a unique customer "operation manual" defining our response based on application-based events.
  • - Once optimization is complete, our team performs an audit across all layers and aspects of the application hosting environment and application platform. These parameters are re-evaluated as the application scales and/or evolve.

Application Problem Management

Responsible for seeing all infrastructure, managed service, database and application related incidents through to resolution, the Project Manager (PM) acts as a member of your own IT team. At the disposal of the PM are a variety of AnlX resources . As the customer's single point of contact throughout the management of a particular issue, the PM provides a summary and root-cause analysis once an issue has been resolved.

Application Scalability & Capacity Planning

Proper planning of your application and hosting environment's scalability is critical to your success during periods of rapid growth. Your PM is responsible for keeping an up-to-date, scalability plan based on your business projections. Planning starts during the implementation process and evolves as live environment data is reported.
When producing a plan, we couple our experience in scaling complex application environments with historical data regarding your server, network and application resources. The plan is reviewed with you on a quarterly basis and revisions are made as your business growth projections change.

Service Layers

Our Application Hosting platform is comprised of seven layers. The first four provide the base - Managed Hosting. They comprise: AnlX's high performance network, data centre and systems automation technology; Web, Application and Database servers; Managed Network Devices;
The final three layers of Application Hosting are: Monitoring , Reporting, and Active Administration.

Server & Device Administration

The systems and expertise needed to build, deploy and operate a Web infrastructure while running complex applications are challenging and expensive. Few companies want to invest in the resources needed to establish and maintain a Web-oriented data centre. ANLX offers comprehensive administrative services for ongoing active management of fundamental networking components as well as the routers, hardware, software and applications that run your Internet operations. These services take the pressure off of your IT staff and help reduce the time and cost of deploying and managing your Web infrastructure.

Network Hardware

AnlX manages the provisioning, deployment, testing and ongoing management of all networking devices, including routers, switches, SSL accelerators, firewalls, routing tables and VPNs. To ensure maximum availability, we maintain an on-site inventory of network-related components. Hardware administration includes the provisioning, deployment and testing of servers and other infrastructure devices. We closely monitor customer hardware to identify and resolve emerging issues to provide the highest possible levels of uptime and performance.

Software Applications

AnlX manages the installation of each customer's Operating System and supporting software. This includes the provisioning, installing, testing and maintenance of the OS, as well as the deployment of security patches, OS service packs, upgrades and revisions. By closely monitoring log files and key performance metrics, AnlX can provide valuable insight into site performance, traffic patterns, disk space and other critical variables.

Remote Administration

We offer assistance with the installation of supported applications and can provide remote administrative and application management resources. These application services include managed backup, database administration and data migration. Supported applications include, but are not limited to, SQL, Business Server, Citrix and Exchange. Ask an AnlX Representative about the Windows applications we support.

Database Administration

Includes installation of remote administration tools, as well as access-level provisioning for remote access to various parts of your hosting environment. Customers have full remote access capabilities using Microsoft Terminal Services. AnlX also deploys a VPN for encrypted communications. AnlX takes responsibility for initial installation and configuration of these tools.
Our team of database administrators will help you troubleshoot your database, whether Linux or Microsoft, as well as provide full database administration if needed. AnlX database administrators can monitor, troubleshoot and optimize your database for you. We also monitor SQL availability and provide backup, recovery planning and administration, as well as capacity projection services.

Data Migration

Ensuring that your critical data is migrated smoothly to a new hosting environment can be a complex and time-consuming process. Our Professional Engineers will make recommendations on the best plan for your migration.

Deployment & Scaling

We understand that while capacity demands are often unpredictable, there must be an immediate response from your infrastructure team. Capacity constraints can seriously limit the ability to take on new projects or grow quickly. Failure to handle spikes in traffic can be detrimental to your business.
AnlX has invested heavily in the skills and technologies needed to quickly build, configure and launch Web servers and applications. That is why more and more businesses now turn to AnlX for rapid and reliable scaling and deployment.

End-to-End Capabilities

As a full-service managed hosting provider, AnlX can manage every detail of Web infrastructure deployments, from the Request For Proposal stage through the procurement of systems and components to the building and configuring of servers, testing, launch, repair and replacement. We maintain a substantial on-site inventory of common server hardware and software components and can quickly repair or replace any infrastructure element.

Response Deployment

AnlX provides a formal timeline for every hosting platform deployment or scaling project, and we guarantee that timeline will be met or we will refund the setup charge. Many servers can be built and deployed within 24 hours, while more complex configurations may take up to three days. AnlX can quickly scale your infrastructure to meet capacity jumps, with instant quotes and deployments in just hours.

Turnaround Capacity Planning

AnlX has the expertise, sophisticated monitoring and analytical technologies to understand and forecast infrastructure capacity requirements. We work with our customers on a consulting basis to ensure they have the capacity needed to optimize the performance of their Web-based applications.

On-Site Inventories

AnlX maintains a substantial inventory of server and network components so we can quickly build and deploy a new Web infrastructure, or rapidly expand an existing platform to meet spikes in traffic or transactions.

Automated Deployment Tools

AnlX employs today's most capable automated systems for the loading, configuration and testing of Operating Systems, Web applications and other software. These automated systems ensure both fast and reliable Web platform deployments.
Predicting when to add capacity in order to maximize resources and minimize expenses takes constant monitoring and analysis - a big responsibility, even for a well staffed IT department. By setting up custom application monitoring alerts for notification when hosting platform resources being to run low, AnlX specialists can properly monitor resources and automatically begin provisioning new infrastructure on the fly - well before existing resources have been consumed. This ensures better quality of service for your end users while minimizing expenses associated with adding capacity too soon or too late.

AnlX ASP SmoothScaling

For many Application Service Providers, capacity constraints can seriously limit the ability to take on new projects and grow quickly. Failure to handle spikes in traffic can be detrimental to your business -yet excess capacity sitting idle can be a waste of valuable resources. AnlX's Scalable Network program was designed specifically for Application Service Providers that need the ability to quickly add and remove capacity based on application or project demand.

AnlX ASP Scalable Network

- Less than 72 hours
- ASP Software Pricing
- "Rent" licenses for the OS & Commercial applications only for the time you use them
- Weekly Pricing Model
- Pay for capacity fluctuations in increments as small as one week
- Free Setup & Configuration Period
- Take up to 2 weeks to setup and configure your application environment free of charge; start paying for the added capacity only when you begin using it
-Capacity Planning Consultation with ANLX Scalability Expert Weekly or monthly.


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